Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marble Slab Creamery

Now everyone has been raving about this.
Marble Slab?

I honestly thought it was pretty overrated.

But my oh my.
Their flavours.
Cotton CANDY?
bubble gum?
Butter Pecan?
Key Lime?

i just wanted to stay there all day with my nose pressed up against the glass display, staring at the Maple Flavoured Ice Cream.

Can you imagine? Maple in itself is crazy good. But maple ice cream?
That's, like, double sinful.

Plus they spoilt you even more by giving you mix ins.
Graham crackers and gummy bears and oreos and reeses and snickers and cookie dough and...
i think i might cry.
Now this one.
This is something they call birthday cake.
Was it my birthday?
would i have liked it to be?

It's sweet cream ice cream with cake bits inside. Along with oreos. Oh, and cookie dough.
Oh, and they added chocolate syrup all over the top.

The happiness is no longer just within.

We ordered a pint and they offered to give it to us in big cups.
See that cup in the picture up there? we had two of those.


And the ice cream was spilling out all over the sides.

I need to find some kind of power work out so i don't become the size of a polar bear.


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