Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pumpkin Pie

Personally, I hate pumpkins.
The first time i ever ate them i had mistaken them for carrots in my stew.

How horribly disappointed i was.

But then i heard that all fruit taste better when you bake them.
Thank God For Baking.

We had a large pumpkin with absolutely no plans for.
So TAADAA! Pumpkin Pie.

i must say, The recipe was pretty simple but the trick was TIMING.
Timing, my friends, is everything.

You have to get the filling hot just as your blind-baked shell is coming out of the oven.
This way the time the filling spends in the oven is used to cook, not to heat up.

Pretty scientific, huh?

It also ensures your filling doesn't overcook because you place the whole pie on the bottom rack of your oven.
The crust was super duper.
I used the crust recipe from My Mom's Apple Pie.
I got the recipe from The New Best Recipe Cookbook.

That book is great. They test every single recipe they've got and then give you the best one.
Which, in my opinion, should be the way most cookbooks operate.


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