Monday, August 30, 2010

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

You know what cake i love more than anything?
A cake with vegetables, i mean. (my absolute favourite is cheesecake)

Carrot cake.

And do you know what would be even more awesome (and potentially dangerous) than carrot cakes?

Carrot cake Cupcakes.

i say dangerous because what's going to stop you if you have dozens of bite-sized servings of this cake?

Except maybe an exploding stomach.

The sprinkles were my idea. I'm all for sprinkles now. Sprinkles FTW!

So we had the cupcakes iced and ready.

I did some of them in these little souffle cups i bought and then discovered you can't actually BAKE in them.
So i had to peel out the cupcake from the liner all baked and ready AND THEN fit it neatly into the paper cup.

this is one of the plain ones. The piping was really easy, but the bag occasionally slipped from my hand and left loads of icing-less bits peeking through on my first few cupcakes.
The icing is cream cheese. I never thought cheese would be good as a frosting until now.

i told you i had a thing for sprinkles.

We tried to get a bit classy and do the others with White chocolate bits and those little silver balls we all love so well but have no idea what it is named.

Man, these were good.

Next up for cupcakes: Funfetti!

Although it may be a while before i do another cupcake.
I've been DYING to try home made Pop tarts.


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